Media Restrictions

You ever notice how certain media is not released in your area?  A video game that’s gained your attention or a movie you’ve been itching to see.  Over the summer I’ve seen previews of Anna Karenina blasted all over the theaters and guess what, it’s not playing anywhere near my area.  After the fury subsided, I tried to break out the logic in me to decipher why a movie involving a highly successful director and acting crew would not be released in mass proportion, and I seriously did not find the logic in this.

After a bit of research, I was flabbergasted to discover 2012’s Anna Karenina was only released in sixteen theaters domestically…SIXTEEN!  I don’t know about you, but if I was the financial backer on this project and collectively spent roughly forty million dollars on a movie, you better believe I’d be doing what was necessary to get that forty million dollar flick seen by everybody and their mother, from the UK to the US and beyond!  I guess the biggest part of my anger lies in the fact of the whole situation feeling like a mocked version of Robin Leach and the Rich and Famous; “Here’s a brand new movie featuring one of your faaavorite producer-actress combos… and yoooou can’t watch it.”   …And then they wonder why there’s so much pirating and illegal importing of everything under the sun.

I’m sure there will be an available DVD or Netflix copy sometime next year, however, some things are just meant to be experienced in their original medium for the full effect. Whether a move is a dud or not, it’s nice to have the option of witnessing an anticipated piece first hand.  Am I asking too much?

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